The Dragon´s Den 2017

Published: 18 October 2017

The concept of The Dragon´s Den is a recurring event for the students at Luleå University of Technology in civil engineering. The same rules as for the Venture Cup are applied and many new innovative ideas see the light of the day in The Dragon´s Den, this year was no exception.

This year, 15 student groups presented their ideas to streamline the construction industry and the contest contributions included everything from technical inventions to APPs and cloud services and recycling. The winning contribution belonged to the fist category, that is, an innovative new and concrete technical solution. Much more than this can not be described here due to a secracy agreement.

"There are former students who today live on the innovations that have created in this competition so our privacy policy has been tightened a little year by year," says Lars Stehn, Professor in Timber Structures at Luleå University of Technology.

The prize for the winning contribution is, besides the honor, an opportunity to meet LTU Business and then get a deeper analysis of opportunities and risks. There is also the chance of funding through different start-up concepts or risk financiers.

"This is the best event of the year and something I look forward to throughout the year. But I´m really bad at guessing the winner, I'm always wrong", concludes Lars Stehn who is very pleased with this year's competition.

The competition The Dragon´s Den was held in the course Industrial Construction, with students from the programmes in architecture and civil engineering. The jury consisted of and Birgitta Forsberg, own entrepreneur, Erik Söderholm, also his own entrepreneur and Lisa Mujagic, LTU Business.

Lars Stehn

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