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Bridge Builder Contest 2015

Published: 11 January 2016

At this years Bridge Builder Contest students from four programmes were participating ; Civil Engineering, Architecture, Fire engineering and Industrial and Management Engineering. A prize for sustainability and another prize for design were awarded. 16 different teams contributed withe bridges.

The rules of the contest is to build a 4 meter long bridge that can handle a 100 kg load. The lightest bridge capable of carrying that load, ist the winner. Erik Hidman, graduate student in architecture, chose the bridge for best design.

What was the ingenious finesse that made your bridge structure win the strength test?

–  We went outside the box and designed a lightweight, durable bridge which resulted in a winning concept, says Rebecca, who is studying fire protection engineer at Luleå University.

As a future fire protection engineer, what did you learn from this?

–  We have gained a better understanding of how different structures deform and react to the loads.

What will you do with the prize money?

–  The money will contribute to a fire extinguisher that my grandmother should get for Christmas, says Rebecca.

Lars Bernspång

Bernspång, Lars -

Organisation: Structural and Fire Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering