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Anders Karlsson, CEO of Brandkonsulten AB Photo: Marit Solblad
Anders Karlsson, CEO of Brandkonsulten AB Photo: Marit Solblad View original picture , opens in new tab/window

"I work as CEO at Brandkonsulten Kjell Fallqvist AB"

Published: 6 August 2018

Name: Anders Karlsson
Work: CEO of Brandkonsulten Kjell Fallqvist AB
Program: Fire Protection Engineer

What is Your occupation today?

I work as CEO at Brandkonsulten AB. After a time at The Swedish Rescue Services (current MSB), I decided to test the consulting industry in 1999 and a company that I thought seemed exciting - Fire Consultant Kjell Fallqvist AB. Here I have worked with hundreds of exciting projects of all sizes and complexities. It is part of the charm of the job to understand and adapt fire protection based on the needs and conditions of the client and the building. It requires a knowledgeable, creative and solution-oriented approach. In addition to the work of building-based fire protection, I have also worked on analyzing risks, for example in connection with new construction close to sources of danger, such as transport pipes for dangerous goods and industries.

When our former CEO Kjell Fallqvist decided to retire, I got the opportunity to succeed him and now I'm in my fourth year as CEO, which is probably the best job in the world. I still work a lot with building fire protection, but largely with the development of the company and to create Sweden's best workplace.

Our headquarters are located in Stockholm and we have two local offices in Norrköping and Umeå. Both local offices are located in expansive regions and in recent years I have been a part of these offices and participated in breakfast seminars for customers and partners.

I have also followed the LTU students on their graduation trips. Not bad to go to Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Dublin and have fun with nice students as part of the job!

What does the labor market look like right now?

The labor market in our industry looks very good and it has been done for a long time. The interest and the need for our services is very big and I do not judge it will decrease. Increased risk awareness and increased demands on sustainability and safety mean that I can really recommend training for a fire engineer.

What skills are needed?

Within Brandkonsulten AB we have chosen to employ only qualified engineers, some of whom are also civil engineers in fire engineering and risk management. We still expect the need for these skills to be large. Much of our work involves working in various projects explaining solutions and supporting engineering projectors and architects to find the smartest solutions. This means that communication and education are important building blocks in our work and skills in this is something that we value highly. Our efforts in the projects have gradually increased and in larger projects, the work can be resembled a project leader role for all pieces that have fire protection. For example fire protection during construction time, coordination of fire alarm control functions, handling of documents and information to tenants. Knowledge of how the project work is carried out and about project management is therefore also a good competence.