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"I can become a commander in the rescue service"

Published: 20 May 2020

Name: Fredrik Roos Lindell
Age: 23
Place of residence: Laholm
Programme: Fire Protection Engineer

Why did you choose to study fire protection engineering?

I have worked in the rescue service as a part-time firefighter and really liked the job and atmosphere that is at a station. But then I felt that I wanted an academic education and then I was also interested in all the work that is done on a rescue service that is not to put out fires. Then I talked to those at my station about what I could read and they said fire engineer. That the choice fell on Luleå was to come from home. Had I gone to Lund, I would have been able to go home on the weekends, which would have meant that I had not entered the student life at all.

How do you like the city of Luleå?

I really like Luleå! It's a big city, especially for me who comes from a tiny town but who still has the feeling of being family. A super cozy center with harbor and large archipelago. We have the nature around the knot and a fantastic winter with lots of snow. Then I like the difference in the seasons when it gets really dark when it is like the darkest in the winter but then it gets really bright when it gets the brightest.

What plans do you have after your studies?

After I graduate, I will move down to Revinge in Skåne with my partner and dog and read a supplementary education for rescue services. It is one year and I can become a commander in the rescue service. After that, I, the co-worker and the dog move on to find a cozy municipality to move to!

Do you have any advice for future students here at the university?

Engage yourself! First of all, congratulations on the world's best program! We have a program association called BRINN that you can get involved in. If you get involved, you get to meet friends outside the school, so you don't always have to think about the plug. In addition, you quickly realize that you are not so self-guided by having re-tests. If you just sit at home it can easily be that you think you are completely alone with all the hard work.