Linn Berglund
Linn Berglund

Linn Berglund

Luleå tekniska universitet
Trä och bionanokompositer
Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik
E172b Luleå

The research is focused towards efficient cellulose nanofibres production, within the EU INCOM project: Industrial Production Processes for Nanoreinforced Composite Structures and also within Bio4Energy. Development of up scalable processing methods for economic production of nanofibres with low energy demand and high consistency is combined with assessment of the quality during the different stages of the separation process.

Research is also carried out within Interreg Nord: Sea-surf-snow project, where seaweed is evaluated as fiber-source for lightweight, biobased composite in sporting goods.

Moby Dig project: Transnational mobility & interdisciplinary STEM modules in the digital era. The Erasmus funded course in transnational biomaterial and chemistry is a collaboration project with Baden-Wuttenberg Cooperative State University and University of Oulu. The education and training idea consists of a blended learning concept in a flipped classroom variant and includes a great variety of study modes: online self-study (distance learning), (virtual) group/project work, virtual classrooms, collaborative eLearning tools, eAssessment, and intensive study programmes (see images below) with the possibility to travel to either Luleå, Karlsruhe or Oulu. The agenda for the intensive study period in Luleå 2019 can be found in the link at the bottom of the page. The online canvas course developed during the project can be found at the following link: Transnational course in biomaterials and chemistry, and its application information is found on LTU webpage.

Moby Dig project provides mobility, transnational learning as well as teaching experiences, where teachers have training and project meetings at the partner universities.

Additional information: Moby dig project homepage

Additional course information:

Interreg Nord
T0025T, ISP 2019


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