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Josef Hallberg
Josef Hallberg

Josef Hallberg

Biträdande professor, Excellent lärare
Luleå tekniska universitet
Distribuerade datorsystem
Institutionen för system- och rymdteknik
A3305 Luleå


I was born and raised in Kungsbacka, a small town in the west-coast of Sweden. I have four siblings, an older brother (Patrick), an older sister (Marielle), a younger brother (Johannes), and a younger sister (Rebecca). My parents (Thomas and Solveig) are probably the best parents in the world, so I've been quite lucky.

I am a Christian, Audiophile, and a Roleplayer. This means I like going to church, listening to music, and spending time with my friends pretending to be someone else. In addition, I enjoy computers and my virtual social networks which I maintain through the Internet. I also like driving my motorcycle.


My main research interest is smart and aware environments. This falls under Ubiquitous and Pervasive computing. My current focus is on developing technology for healthcare within smart-environments.


My teaching experience has been:

  • Object oriented programming (Java)
  • Ubiqutitous computing
  • Media technology
  • Design Patterns (for object oriented programming)
  • Software Engineering


Civilingenjör Datateknik
Licentiat Medieteknik
Doktor Medieteknik


Artikel i tidskrift

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Artikel, forskningsöversikt

Hardware for Recognition of Human Activities (2020)

A Review of Smart Home and AAL Related Technologies
Sanchez-Comas. A, Synnes. K, Hallberg. J
Ingår i: Sensors
Artikel i tidskrift

Personalizing Activity Recognition with a Clustering based Semi-Population Approach (2020)

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Artikel i tidskrift

A new approach based on temporal sub-windows for online sensor-based activity recognition (2018)

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Artikel i tidskrift

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