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Salome Amuakwa Mensah
Salome Amuakwa Mensah

Salome Amuakwa Mensah

Luleå tekniska universitet
Institutionen för ekonomi, teknik, konst och samhälle
A 413 Luleå


Artikel i tidskrift

Association between rural electrification and agricultural output: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa (2022)

Amuakwa-Mensah. S, Surry. Y
World Development Perspectives, Vol. 25
Artikel i tidskrift

Stockpiling and food worries: Changing habits and choices in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic (2022)

Amuakwa-Mensah. F, Amuakwa Mensah. S, Klege. R, Adom. P
Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, Vol. 82 A
Artikel i tidskrift

COVID-19 (2021)

From health crises to food security anxiety and policy implications
Chiwona-Karltun. L, Amuakwa-Mensah. F, Wamala-Larsson. C, Amuakwa-Mensah. S, Hatab. A, Made. N, et al.
Ambio, Vol. 50, nr. 4, s. 794-811
Artikel i tidskrift

Degree of financialization and energy efficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa (2020)

do institutions matter?
Adom. P, Amuakwa-Mensah. F, Amuakwa-Mensah. S
Financial Innovation, Vol. 6
Artikel i tidskrift

Policy Note (2020)

Policy Responses to Ensure Access to Water and Sanitation Services during COVID-19: Snapshots from the Environment for Development (EfD) Network
Amaechina. E, Amoah. A, Amuakwa-Mensah. F, Amuakwa Mensah. S, Bbaale. E, Bonilla. J, et al.
Water Economics and Policy, Vol. 6, nr. 4