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Joel Sundström
Joel Sundström

Joel Sundström

Strömningslära och experimentell mekanik
Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik
E810 Luleå

Scientific profile 

I am mainly working experimentally and theoretically with applications to hydropower. 

Primary research interests:

  • Near-wall unsteady flows: transient, pulsating
  • Hydraulic turbine draft tube flows
  • Pressure fluctuations  

Measurement methods:

  • Particle image velocimetry
  • Laser Doppler velocimetry
  • Constant temperature velocimetry
  • Pressure measurements

Undergraduate involvement

  • Aerodynamics - F0037T - Lecturer 
  • Hydromechanics - F0031T - Teacher
  • Water turbines - F7017T - Laboratory instructor  




Mitigation of Draft Tube Pressure Pulsations by Radial Protrusion of Solid Bodies into the Flow Field: An Experimental Investigation (2021)

Shiraghaee. S, Sundström. J, Raisee. M, Cervantes. M
Ingår i: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science,, 30th IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems (IAHR 2020), Institute of Physics (IOP), 2021, 012004

Vortex rope mitigation with azimuthal perturbations: A numerical study (2021)

Holmström. H, Cervantes. M, Sundström. J
Ingår i: 30th IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems (IAHR 2020), Institute of Physics Publishing (IOPP), 2021, 012144
Artikel i tidskrift

Evaluation of transient effects in the pressure-time method (2019)

Saemi. S, Sundström. J, Cervantes. M, Raisee. M
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Vol. 68
Artikel i tidskrift

Improved frictional modeling for the pressure-time method (2019)

Sundström. J, Saemi. S, Raisee. M, Cervantes. M
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Vol. 69
Artikel i tidskrift

Characteristics of the wall shear stress in pulsating wall-bounded turbulent flows (2018)

Sundström. L, Cervantes. M
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol. 96, s. 257-265