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EquaStream will showcase and increase understanding about gender bias and structural challenges that women face in their career development. The overall goal of the project is to strive for excellence in research through gender equal and inclusive collaborations and strategic partnerships and thus increase funding opportunities in academia.

Digital equality tools require multi-competence

It is increasingly common with various forms of digital tools in gender equality work.

Equal focus in business development yields results

The collaboration platform Gender Contact Point at Luleå University of Technology makes it easier for companies, authorities and other organizations to take part in, and benefit from the university's research results and knowledge, as well as participate in projects in gender, gender equality, diversity and innovation.

Photo: Tomas Bergman
Professor Lena Abrahamsson is new Scientific leader for Creaternity

Since January, Lena Abrahamsson is the new scientific leader for Luleå University of Technology's future area Creaternity together with Roland Larsson. She is very much looking forward to contributing with research that places people in the center of technological development. – New technology is rarely the solution in itself. To enable better function and positive development, technological innovations and development work need to include knowledge of the interplay between technology and social aspects, she says.


TEDxLuleåUniversityofTechnology took place at Vetenskapens Hus on Thursday December 9th, 2021.

Gender equality culture as a competitive advantage

Welcome to watch the conference "Gender equality culture as a competitive advantage" afterwards.

Gender Contact Point
CDT passed the baton to Human Work Sciences

Gender Contact Point continues to develop its operations under the leadership of Human Work Sciences in close collaboration with a newly formed alliance of three members: Human Work Sciences, Industrial Design and CDT, Centre for Distance-spanning Technology.

Richer Business, Luleå University of Technology
Launch of the tool Richer Business

The digital tool Richer Business has now been launched. The tool aims at providing better gender equality and better business.

Paula Wennberg, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Linda Alfredsson
Greater diversity leeds to better business

Inclusive business models lead to better competitiveness. An on-line tool, Richer business, can help companies and organizations to become better at gender equality and do better business.

Andreas Nilsson
"It is only natural for us to participate"

Andreas Nilsson is CTO at Tromb.

Photo: Tomas Bergman
"Collaboration is crucial in order to meet societal challenges"

Malin Lindberg is Professor in Gender and Technology at Luleå University of Technology. She will be attending the Gender Contact Point Day, March 19, 2020.

Karl Andersson, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Linda Alfredsson
"We have helped create more gender-equal workplaces"

Karl Andersson is the Executive Director of CDT, Centre for Distance-spanning Technology at Luleå University of Technology.

Gender Contact point
Gender Summit17 in Amsterdam

Maria Udén and Paula Wennberg from the Gender Smart Arena Project attended Gender Summit17 in Amsterdam.

Gender Smart Arena
Digital@idag in Luleå

The Gender Smart Arena project participated in the conference digital@idag, organised by Norrbotten Region

Tillförlitlig AI
Seminar on trustworthy AI

About a dozen participants discussed AI and ethics with seminar leader Gustav Grund Pihlgren, doctoral student in machine learning at Luleå University of Technology. The seminar, organised by the Gender Smart Arena project in collaboration with the machine learning research group, opened with a presentation on the European Commission’s Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.

gender contact point
Seminar on gender-smart technical solutions and products

From being a narrow track for experts, more and more people are now opening their eyes to the interesting thing about gender equality in technology development and innovation. There is also a concern. Will AI developed by men for men soon make life difficult, even risky for women?

Jeaneth Johansson
Seminar on smarter business models

Jeaneth Johansson, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Luleå University of Technology, held a seminar on smarter, more sustainable business models.

Gender Contact Point
The g19 Conference in Gothenburg

The Gender Smart Arena project attended the g19 Conference in Gothenburg, October 7-19, 2019. Gender Smart Arena participated alongside the Karlstad Gender Academy.

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Digital tools for gender equality and inclusion

In two studies, digital tools for gender equality and inclusion are studied, focusing on how they are designed, communicated and used in organizations and society. The reports are based on practical examples from Sweden, in the form of digital apps, tests, process support, training, etc.

maria uden
In the media: professor on technology development and gender equality

Maria Udén, professor in gender and technology, has been interviewed by Yle about why it is problematic with technology and design created by men for men.

Gender issues on the agenda for companies and researchers

This article is not avaliable in English.

Gender Contact Point
Gender Smart Arena at EARMA AC 2019

Gender Smart Arena participated in the EARMA AC conference in Bologna, March 27-29, 2019, with a presentation on gender and innovation.

Gender Contact Point
Vinnova meet researchers

Vinnova carried out a visit to Gender Contact Point at Luleå University of Technology.

Photo: Linda Alfredsson
Success for gender equality

A well-attended conference on examples and tools for practical gender mainstreaming has put an end to the first Gender Contact Point project. Questions about gender, gender equality, diversity and innovation were discussed by companies, researchers and other actors.

Fredrik Sjögren, PhD at Luleå University of Technology. Photo: Lars Andersson
Techies prevents women

New research at Luleå University of Technology shows that the gender imbalance in information and communication technology is maintained through a computer nerd ideal. In addition, the formal qualifications required to act against sex discrimination is in fact preserving it.

Photo: Linnea Lindberg
Important steps towards an equal university

The academic world has fewer women at higher positions compared with other companies and organisations. Despite the meritocratic ideal in the academic context, the conditions are not equal for women and men. The results are now presented in a doctoral dissertation at Luleå University of Technology.

Carina Mattsson, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Linda Alfredsson
Broader recruitment with a gender perspective

A gender perspective integrated in the recruitment process will contribute to a sustainable and long-term competence at Luleå University of Technology. Through the EU project Genovate, the university's experiences of a new working method, will hopefully contribute to an impact in more organizations.

Tools for promoting gender equality

A toolbox and a gender app for gender mainstreaming shall change norms and get more women into the field of information and communication technology. – Now, we always have gender equality on the agenda on our project meetings, says Arne Gylling, project leader at Centre for distance-spanning technology, CDT.

Tools for Gender Equality

A research project is strengthening its quality and improve their performance when taking into account a diversity- and genderperspective. That was concluded when CDT arranged "Gender in research as a mark of excellence".