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B7001K Projektering av biokemiska/kemiska processanläggningar

Publicerad: 22 april 2006


This course is the final course of the biochemical and chemical engineering curriculum and will
require that you utilize the concepts that you have previously learned.

The Project

The entire course is the preparation of a design and submission of a written report and Powerpoint
presentation for the production of a chemical, succinic acid, from fermentation of sugars that can be
obtained from woody biomass. The products will be pure crystalline succinic acid and the
corresponding ester, diethyl succinate. The final report should contain the following information:
1. A detailed description and a complete flow sheet of the process (Project 1, 18 Nov. submitted
2. Complete material and energy balances (Project 2, 2 Dec. submitted electronically).
3. Sizing and specification of all equipment (Project 3, 16 Dec. submitted electronically).
4. An initial estimate of the cost of the plant and process (Final Project, 7 Jan. including a
Powerpoint presentation of 15 slides, submitted electronically)
These four topics will be discussed in class. To assist you and keep you on schedule, there will be
three intermediate assignments due during the course as shown above and listed on the schedule.


The entire grade will be assigned for the group on the basis of the final report.


There will be a few lectures describing the process and the approach to cost estimation, but all of
the lecture periods listed will not include lectures. The other times will be available for groups to
meet with the instructor to discuss progress and get advice/comments on the project. The lectures
will be supplemented with modules and other written materials.


You will be allowed to choose your own groups with a minimum of two members and a maximum
of four. It is recommended to avoid the minimum.


Kris Arvid Berglund

Tel: 0920 49 30 70
Email: kris.berglund@ltu.se

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