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Adam Rynell Åhlén

"It's close to everything"

Published: 27 February 2015

Adam Rynell Åhlén studying first year of the Bachelor programme in Early Years Education. He is 28 years old and comes from Uppsala.

Hey there, who are you?

– A trained cartoonist who wants to try something new

Why are you studying this programme?

– Because it is a creative, inspiring and important profession.

What is the best with your training?

– That it is such a broad education, with everything from language to science and technology.

What is the most challenging?

– Being able to reflect, interpret and analyze a large part in the training, and it's very rewarding. There is no straight answer.

What is it like to study at Luleå University?

– It is close to everything and it happens constantly funny things on campus.

What do the students in their free time?

– Working out, there are always lots of people at Stil!