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Exhibition about language and communication

Published: 21 December 2017

Second-year students in the pre-school program have, in the course Language, Communication and Learning, created an exhibition that is currently being displayed at Luleå University of Technology.

The exhibition is a summary of the course content, where the students present different parts of the course and the lessons they have learned in how the preschool works and can work with all children's language development.

- Preschool today has an enhanced assignment regarding language and communication. The importance of language for children's development and learning is clearly stated in the governing documents. All work in preschool should be in favor of language development and language's importance for children's well-being, creativity, play, social interaction and learning should be highlighted, says Ulla-Britt Bergdahl, teacher and university lecturer at Luleå University of Technology.

Shows the scope

The exhibition is currently displayed in Gallery Aurora. Ulla-Britt Bergdahl is pleased with the students' work during the course that culminates in this exhibition.

- Here the students clearly and very inspiring show how extensive the concept of language development is and how the work in preschool can be done. Knowledge of children's language development also gives students a good example. The students have also converted knowledge about layout and how to set up an exhibition.

In the slide show you can see pictures from the exhibition