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“The university has many things to offer besides a great education”

Published: 12 February 2018

My name is Alfred and I'm currently in my fifth year of the programme. I'm a person who likes to get involved in things besides my studies, like programme councils (to discuss and evaluate one’s experiences of the different classes included in the syllabus) and the recruitment of new students to the programme.

Why did you choose this course of study?

I chose my programme because I had previously spent a summer working in a chemistry lab and in doing so, I discovered that I was interested in chemistry. I found this programme with the help of the student career counsellor at my high school, and thought it seemed interesting.

What do students at the university do in their free time? How is student life?

The university has many things to offer besides a great education. There are different types of clubs that in which students can involve themselves. The university gym has a great range of resources, and is located right on campus. I think that’s super, because its location is ideal after a long day of studies.

What are your plans after graduation? What would you like to work with?

My hope is that I'll get a job in one of the industries that fits my education, such as energy, oil, or biorefining. My dream is to work for a consulting firm where I have the opportunity to get involved in many different projects.

Do you have any advice for future students?

The best practical and sensible advice I can give after five years here at the university is to be disciplined, see school as a work (which means you should study around eight hours a day), and this always keep up, or preferably even stay a little ahead of the curve!