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"As a trainee you get a deeper insight"

Published: 27 September 2017

When I did my thesis on BillerudKorsnäs pulp mills started the application period for their trainee program. I felt already familiar with the plant and its employees through past summer jobs and internships at the mill, which made me more than motivated to apply for the program. After three phone interviews, three intelligence tests and personality "test" I had to write on a trainee contract.

As a trainee you get a deeper insight into the whole Group, all business areas and departments than what you get if you immediately start as an engineer. During the program you work constantly with engineering projects such as product development, process optimization and different kinds of evaluations related to the process and the plant in full. I myself am stationed in Karlsborg in Kalix Municipality and traveling about every third week to participate in training. These training focuses on leadership, change, business development and communications, etc. which will help one to develop rapidly within the company.

Gabriel Joki, BillerudKorsnäs
Gabriel Joki, BillerudKorsnäs

A project that I am engaged in writing concerns the evaluation of new lime supplier. Lime is used in the regeneration of consumable chemicals in the factory and is a vital parameter in the mill's economy. The problem of lime and associated process is the accumulation of process elements that must be kept low by using lime is removed from the process and replaced with the newly purchased lime. Many risks are to bring in new untested lime in the process and that's where I come in to monitor and analyze the behavior of lime in the process. Will the lime to react more or less than before, limescale? It will block filters or slam the process vessels?

The school has learned to ask the right questions, setting up a project in a structured way and analytical work, all to get the best result in a try and not two. The most important thing to bring with them from school is not how to calculate the determinant of a 6x6 matrix, without the more general approach and the ability to learn new things. It's easy to feel like a greenhorn when the project comes to ordering one but there is one quickly remedied by doing what you have learned, seek knowledge.

/ Gabriel Joki, Alumni