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Petter Andersson and David Alqvist. Robin Fläde is missing on the picture. All have studied Industrial design engineering and graduated in the spring of 2015. Photo: Melina Granberg

Students decreased clicks

Published: 22 June 2015

A project within Industrial design engineering led to real improvements in Billerud Korsnäs daily work.
– The students' proposals will be implemented in our systems, says Ingemar Niemi, Billerud Korsnäs.

Billerud Korsnäs and KF wanted to develop a visual interface of existing software used to monitor a part of the paper machine’s rolls. By being able to control and reduce vibrations is less wear created on the rollers and the paper machine can perform better.

In the beginning of the project was the existing interface cumbersome for the people in the control room. The students developed an interface that is easier to use, provides a better overview and demands less clicks.

– We presented a visual concept and later a working prototype. SKF was satisfied. They want to introduce this at Billerud Korsnäs and all other customers using the same software, says David Alqvist, a student in Industrial Design Engineering.

– To have students as consultants is tremendous, both for us as customers and students. They get insight into the industry and its needs, says Magnus Bellander, at SKF.