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Pooja Mahapatra

Publicerad: 17 maj 2019

Round 3

Pooja Mahapatra

I graduated from SpaceMaster 10 years ago, in 2009. Thereafter, I pursued a PhD in satellite remote sensing at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, successfully defending it in 2015. I am currently working in the energy sector, exploring the use of remote sensing and geospatial analytics in a variety of new and exciting applications.

SpaceMaster was a wonderful experience, both professionally and personally. It enabled me to channel my background in electrical engineering towards space technology, through excellent lectures, educative study trips and challenging project work, in an international, multicultural and multilingual setting. SpaceMaster also provided me with exposure to the heart of Europe's space industry through internships at the European Space Agency (ESTEC) and the Fraunhofer Institute. In addition, it helped me make friends and professional contacts all over the world, and gave me the extraordinary experience of Arctic life!