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Anders Pettersson

Luleå tekniska universitet
Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik
E833a Luleå


Artikel i tidskrift

Dielectric Thermoscopy Characterization of Water Contaminated Grease (2018)

Dittes. N, Pettersson. A, Marklund. P, Lang. D, Lugt. P
Tribology Transactions, ISSN: 1040-2004, Vol. 74, nr. 3, s. 60-73
Artikel i tidskrift

Optical Attenuation Characterization of Water Contaminated Lubricating Grease (2018)

Dittes. N, Pettersson. A, Sjödahl. M, Casselgren. J, Marklund. P, Lugt. P
Tribology Transactions, ISSN: 1040-2004, Vol. 61, nr. 4, s. 726-732

Mixing Grease with Water (2015)

Dittes. N, Marklund. P, Pettersson. A
Paper presented at : European Conference on Improvement in Bearing Technology : 23/02/2015 - 24/02/2015

Experimental wear evaluation of starved oil-lubricated heavily loaded, oscillating journal bearings (2009)

Strand. H, Johansson. S, Andersson. P, Pettersson. A
Ingår i: Proceedings of World Tribology Congress 2009, Sunday 6th to Friday 11th, September, 2009, Kyoto, Japan, Japanese Society of Tribologists, 2009
Artikel i tidskrift

Transmission fluids for heavy-duty vehicles (2009)

Pettersson. A, Mäki. R
Tribologia, ISSN: 0780-2285, Vol. 28, nr. 1-2, s. 6-13