Jerker Delsing
Jerker Delsing

Jerker Delsing

Professor, Ämnesföreträdare
Luleå tekniska universitet
Industriell elektronik
Institutionen för system- och rymdteknik
A2308 Luleå


I was born 1957 in Umeå Sweden, received the M.Sc. in Engineering Physics at Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden 1982. In 1985 I received the degree of Licentiate in Technology and in 1988 the PhD. degree, both in Electrical Measurement at the Lund Institute of Technology. During 1985 - 1988 I also worked half time at Alfa-Laval - SattControl with development of sensors and measurement technology. Over the years 1989-1995 I was at the department of Heat and Power Engineering at the Lund Institute of Technology where I got the docent degree, May 1994, in Heat and Power Engineering. Early 1995 I was appointed professor in Industrial Electronics at Luleå University of Technology where I'm currently working as the scientific head of EISLAB, For the period 2004-2006 I was Dean of engineering faculty at Luleå University of Technology.

I have been the main supervisor of 17students achieving the PhD degree. They are: Jacob Stang 1995, Sintef, Norway, Torbjo ̈rn Lo ̈quist 1999, Senior lecturer Lule ̊a University of Technology, Per Lindgren 2000, Professor, Lule ̊a University of Tech- nology, Carl Carlander 2001, Senior specialist D-Flow Technology AB, Jan van Deventer 2001, Senior lecturer, Lule ̊a University of Technology, Johan Carlson 2002, Associate prof, Lule ̊a University of Technology, Jonas Ekman 2003, Associate professor, Lule ̊a University of Technology, Mikael Kerttu, 2004, Micronics Inc, San Jose, USA, Urban Lundgren 2004, Omicron AB, Ume ̊a, Sweden, Jonathan Berrebi 2004, Alstom AB, V ̈axjo ̈ Sweden, P ̈ar-Erik Martinsson 2004, ProcessIT Innovation, Lule Sweden, Daniel Nordin 2004, BAE System, O ̈rnsko ̈ldsvik, Jonny Johansson 2004, Senior lecturer, Lule ̊a University of Technolog, Åke Östmark2006,TietoEnatorAB,Luleå, Sweden,YassinJomni2006,ElettaAB,Stockholm Sweden, Jens Eliasson, assistant professor, Luleå University of Technology, Kirill Kosmin, SonyEricson AB, Lund Sweden, 2009 Yvonne Automäki, Swerea Socomp AB, Jan Niemi, Damill AB, Luleå Sweden, Gustav Johansson, Nobel indsutries, Karlskoga, Sweden. I have also been the main supervisor of 24 students achieving the Licentiate degree. They are: Evert H ̊akansson 1993, Gambro AB, Lund, Sweden Martin Holm 1995, Alfa Laval AB, Lund Sweden Bernt Svensson 1997, Lunds Energi AB, Lund Sweden Ulf Nilsson 1998, Clay technology AB, Lund Sweden Carl Carlander 1998, D-Flow Technology AB, Lule ̊a Sweden Jan van Deventer 1999, Lule ̊a University of Technology Urban Lundgren 2000, EMC specialist, Omicron AB, Ume ̊a Sweden Johan Carlsson 2000, Lule ̊a Univer- sity of Technology Jonny Johansson, Lule ̊a University of Technology Jonas Ekman 2001, Lule ̊a University of Technology Pa ̈r Erik Martinsson 2002, ProcessIT Innovation, Lule ̊a Sweden Jonathan Berrebi 2002, Alstom AB, V ̈axjo ̈ Sweden. Jonas Thor 2003, CSR Inc, Lule ̊a Sweden Sven R ̈onb ̈ack 2004, researcher, Lule ̊a Tekniska Universitet Jassin Yomni 2004, Eletta AB, Stockholm Sweden ̊Ake O ̈stmark 2004, Tieto Enator AB, Lule Sweden Kirill Kozmin 2004, Sony Ericsson from Nov 2007, Lund Sweden Stefan Niska 2004, Sci- entist at JVTC, Lule ̊a University of Technology, Linus Svensson 2005, CTO Svalson AB, Pite Sweden Martin Gustafsson 2005, PhD student, KTH, Sweden Kimmo Yliniemi 2005, PhD student, Lule ̊a University of Technology Yvonne Atoma ̈ki 2006, PhD student, Lule ̊a University of Technology Farid Momsief 2006, and Jonas Gustafsson, 2009, PhD student, Luleå University of Technology.

Present research profile

My present research profile can be entitled "Embedded Internet Systems", EIS, with applications both to industrial, medical and sport. The general idea is that most sensors and actuator will have communication capability using the Internet and the "TCP/IP" protocol suite an be capable of ah-hoc integration into a communication network and an application framework.

In this wast field the following are of particular interest to me:

  • •EIS architecture
  • •Sensor networks
  • •Ultrasonic sensors
  • •Sensor electronics
  • •EMC

Major current projects are:
• ESIS, funded by EU structural funds (coordinator), 4.2 MEuro
• ProcessIT, funded by Vinnova and others, 14MEuro
I'm editor in chief for the Elsevier Journal, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation and becoming member of the editorial board of Measurement Science and Technology, an Institute of Physics journal. I'm also currently referee for a number of other research journals. Further, I have been a member of the paper and scientific committee of several International conferences. In 1998 I have, as chairman of the organizing committee, arranged the FLOMEKO'98 conference, the world leading scientific conference on flow measurement. In 2001 I was chairman of the organization committee for the Science and Cyber Community conference in Luleå Sweden. I'm also continuously being appointed external examiner for dissertations for the PhD. degree and for expert reviews regarding research and chaired professor positions in several countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Australia, USA). I also make expert reviews for grant application in several countries including several EU research programs.

Since 1999 I'm President of ITF (Instrument Tekniska Föreningen/Instrument Society of Sweden). An engineering society with 1100 members in Sweden. ITF is focusing development of industrial measurement and control. ITF organizes the annual conference "Automationsdagarna" with more than 250 attendees. During 1988-1994 I was the vice chairman for one of Swedens largest athletics clubs, Heleneholms IF. Where I learned the lesson to manage +1000 volunteers.

My industrial experience comes mainly from three years at Alfa-Laval Automation - SattControl and two spin-of companies from my research. Further I have been appointed to the board of directors in a number of independent companies as chairmen or board member. Currently I'm appointed to the board of directors in 3 independent companies.


1. J. Delsing was 1987 awarded the "Sydkraft Energy research award"
2. J. Delsing was 1993 awarded "Vämeforsk Gas Research Price".


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