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Robert Hällmark
Robert Hällmark

Robert Hällmark

Adjungerad professor, 1:e Forskningsingenjör
Luleå tekniska universitet
Byggkonstruktion och brand
Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser

I have been working with steel- and composite structures during the last 13 years, spending the first seven years as a bridge designer and the last years as a steel specialist on the client side. My research is focused on composite bridges in general and the steel parts in particular. At the moment, I´m employed as a Technical Steel-specialist at Trafikverket – The Swedish Transport Administration and part time as a reseracher at LTU.

Research interest

  • Steel- and composite bridges
  • Composite bridges with prefabricated deck elements
  • Steel fatigue
  • Shear connections in composite structures
  • Integral abutment bridges
  • Strengthening of steel- and composite bridges
  • Development of codes and standards for steel- and composite structures

Professional expertise

  • Design of steel- and composite structures
  • Assessment of steel- and composite structures
  • Prefabrication of bridges
  • Steel fatigue
  • Execution standars for steel structures
  • Finite element modelling

Activities and projects

Membership in professional organisations

  • IABSE-member
  • Technical secretary of CEN SC4 WG 03, Composite Bridges


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Post-installed Shear Connectors (2019)

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Prolonging the Lifetime of Old Steel and Steel–Concrete Bridges (2019)

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Strengthening Bridges with Postinstalled Coiled Spring Pin Shear Connectors (2019)

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