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Alice Frisk - Student på Arkitektur 2018
Alice Frisk - Student at The Master Programme in Architectural Engineering 2018 View original picture , opens in new tab/window

"Find a study technique that suits you"

Published: 21 February 2018

Name: Alice Frisk
Age: 20 years
Hometown: Linköping
Programme: The Master Programme in Architectural Engineering

Why did you choose to study The Master Programme in Architectural Engineering?

I decided quite early that I wanted to study civil engineering architecture in Luleå, already in high school, I felt a civil engineer in architecture was something for me. I studied technology with a focus on community building and the environment at high school and got through the eyes of education. I mainly chose the education because it contains technical courses such as design and mathematics with creative courses in the subject of architecture. Combining technology with creativity was something that attracted me. Another reason I chose the education is that I wanted to study in Luleå. I come from the student city of Linköping and felt I would not go there without moving from my hometown. I like snow and skiing so that's why LTU felt like a good university for me.

What are your plans after studying?

As a newly graduated engineer, I would like to work at a large construction company in Sweden to gain knowledge about the entire construction process. Then I would like to work with design and urban planning because that's what I think is most interesting. I am very well in Luleå, but I think I will move from here after study time, probably to one of Sweden's big cities. Working with city planning in Stockholm or Gothenburg is the dream.

Do you have any advice for future students?

1. Treat the studies as a job. It is hard to study during certain periods, you have to spend a lot of time and effort to complete the studies. There will be times when you read a course you think is boring, then studying as a job is good. I plug about 9-16 every day and then I go home and then I do not think about the studies anymore, just like when you leave home from work.
2. Find a study technique that suits you. Do you plug in the group or alone, at school or at home? Do you learn the best by reading or listening?
3. Engage in any association at school! By engaging, you will find other students who plugged in longer and read programs other than one. You will get to know friends for life!
4. Enjoy your study time. Enjoy the freedom to decide over your own time. Enjoy student life and all it has to offer in terms of seating, activities etc.
5. Enjoy the winter!