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Publikationer Biokemisk processteknik

Publicerad: 12 maj 2011

Artikel i tidskrift

A novel bioprocess engineering approach to recycle hydrophilic and hydrophobic waste under high salinity conditions for the production of nutraceutical compounds (2022)

Patel. A, Delgado Vellosillo. I, Rova. U, Matsakas. L, Christakopoulos. P
Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol. 431, nr. Part 1
Artikel i tidskrift

Advances in cathode designs and reactor configurations of microbial electrosynthesis systems to facilitate gas electro-fermentation (2022)

Bajracharya. S, Krige. A, Matsakas. L, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P
Bioresource Technology, Vol. 354
Kapitel i bok, del av antologi

Anaerobic Biodigesters for Human Waste Treatment (2022)

Environmental and Microbial Biotechnology
Anukam. A, Nyamukamba. P
Ingår i: Anaerobic Biodigesters for Human Waste Treatment
Artikel, forskningsöversikt

Biomass Gasification in Downdraft Gasifiers: A Technical Review on Production, Up-Gradation and Application of Synthesis Gas (2022)

Havilah. P, Sharma. A, Govindasamy. G, Matsakas. L, Patel. A
Ingår i: Energies
Artikel i tidskrift

Bioprocessing of volatile fatty acids by oleaginous freshwater microalgae and their potential for biofuel and protein production (2022)

Patel. A, Krikigianni. E, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P, Matsakas. L
Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol. 438