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Filling of liquid helium into a superconducting magnet of a Chemagnetics 360 NMR spectrometer
"Filling of liquid helium into a superconducting magnet of a Chemagnetics 360 NMR spectrometer": from left to right: Shubhankar Bhattacharyya, Oleg N. Antzutkin, Faiz Ullah Shah, Vasantha Gowda and Mamoun Taher. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Chemistry of Interfaces

We develop new types of ionic liquids that are revolutionary, environmentally friendly and effective electrolytes and lubricants with applications in batteries, supercapacitors and in the entire tribology area. We study and develop environmentally friendly functional collectors for the separation of minerals and environmentally friendly flame retardants from naturally occurring substances.

The research discipline Chemistry of Interfaces uses spectroscopy and potentiometry to study surface adsorption processes in various applications.

Chemistry of Interfaces 2022 Photo: Richard Renberg
Chemistry of Interfaces 2022. Photo: Richard Renberg

Chemistry of Interfaces outside the C and F buildings on October 20, 2022.

From right till left: Anuttam Patra, Andrei Filippov, Anna-Carin Larsson, Suchandra Sar, Shijil Anamkunnath Nediyirakkal, Mukhtiar Ahmed, Gaurav Tatrari, Biplab Roy, Yanqi Xu, Manas Barai, Faiz Ullah Shah, Sourav Bhowmick, Hrishikesh Chowdhury, Oleg N. Antzutkin (absent: Eva Gunneriusson, Lars Gunneriusson).

First projects funded within PRECISE

The first research projects within the Future area of sustainable precision health, PRECISE, are now starting. Close to SEK 5 million is distributed among 28 approved start-up projects. Together, the projects represent many aspects of precision health, from early diagnosis on molecular level to health promoting measures when renovating buildings.

Faiz Ullah Shah Photo: Privat
International consortium develops the batteries of the future

Luleå University of Technology will be part of an international consortium for the development of next-generation energy storage units. These are so-called supercapacitors, batteries with high energy density and a long lifespan.

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