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Tribological performance of Ti6Al4V at elevated temperatures fabricated by electron beam powder bed fusion (2021)

Alvi. S, Neikter. M, Antti. M, Akhtar. F
Tribology International, Vol. 153
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Amine functionalized deep eutectic solvent for CO2 capture (2020)

Measurements and modeling
Sarmad. S, Nikjoo. D, Mikkola. J
Journal of Molecular Liquids, Vol. 309
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Carbon-reinforced MgCl2 composites with high structural stability as robust ammonia carriers for selective catalytic reduction system (2020)

Cao. Z, Osorio. N, Cai. X, Feng. P, Akhtar. F
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Vol. 8, nr. 1
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Converging criteria to characterize crack susceptibility in a micro-alloyed steel during continuous casting (2020)

Pineda Huitron. R, Lopez. P, Vuorinen. E, Jentner. R, Kärkkäinen. M
Materials Science & Engineering, Vol. 772
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Corrigendum to: The role of retained austenite in dry rolling/sliding wear of nanostructured carbide-free bainitic steels, Wear 428–429 (2019) 193 - 204 (2020)

Moghaddam. P, Hardell. J, Vuorinen. E, Caballero. F, Sourmail. T, Prakash. B
Wear, Vol. 446-447
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Dry sliding wear of nanostructured carbide-free bainitic steels (2020)

Effect of oxidation-dominated wear
Moghaddam. P, Hardell. J, Vuorinen. E, Prakash. B
Wear, Vol. 454-455
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Effect of retained austenite on adhesion-dominated wear of nanostructured carbide-free bainitic steel (2020)

Moghaddam. P, Hardell. J, Vuorinen. E, Prakash. B
Tribology International, Vol. 150
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Fatigue Crack Growth of Electron Beam Melted Ti-6Al-4V in High-Pressure Hydrogen (2020)

Neikter. M, Colliander. M, de Andrade Schwerz. C, Hansson. T, Åkerfeldt. P, Pederson. R, et al.
Materials, Vol. 13, nr. 6
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Freeze Granulated Zeolites X and A for Biogas Upgrading (2020)

Narang. K, Akhtar. F
Molecules, Vol. 25, nr. 6
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High temperature tribology and wear of selective laser melted (SLM) 316L stainless steel (2020)

Alvi. S, Saeidi. K, Akhtar. F
Wear, Vol. 448-449
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High-entropy boron-carbide and its composites (2020)

Zhang. H