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A Subdural Bioelectronic Implant to Record Electrical Activity from the Spinal Cord in Freely Moving Rats (2022)

Harland. B, Aqrawe. Z, Vomero. M, Boehler. C, Cheah. E, Raos. B, et al.
Advanced Science, Vol. 9, nr. 20
Artikel, forskningsöversikt

Altered neural cell junctions and ion-channels leading to disrupted neuron communication in Parkinson’s disease (2022)

Choudhury. S, Bano. S, Sen. S, Suchal. K, Kumar. S, Nikolajeff. F, et al.
Ingår i: npj Parkinson's Disease
Artikel, forskningsöversikt

Engineering strategies towards overcoming bleeding and glial scar formation around neural probes (2022)

Otte. E, Vlachos. A, Asplund. M
Ingår i: Cell and Tissue Research
Artikel i tidskrift

Investigating Genetic Mutations in a Large Cohort of Iranian Patients with Congenital Hyperinsulinism (2022)

Razzaghy-Azar. M, Saeedi. S, Dayani. S, Enayati. S, Abbasi. F, Hashemian. S, et al.
Journal of Clinical Research in Pediatric Endocrinology, Vol. 14, nr. 1, s. 87-95
Artikel i tidskrift

On the longevity of flexible neural interfaces: Establishing biostability of polyimide-based intracortical implants (2022)

Vomero. M, Ciarpella. F, Zucchini. E, Kirsch. M, Fadiga. L, Stieglitz. T, et al.
Biomaterials, Vol. 281
Artikel, forskningsöversikt

Poly(3,4‐ethylenedioxythiophene)‐Based Neural Interfaces for Recording and Stimulation: Fundamental Aspects and In Vivo Applications (2022)

Bianchi. M, De Salvo. A, Asplund. M, Carli. S, Di Lauro. M, Schulze‐Bonhage. A, et al.
Ingår i: Advanced Science