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No evidence of counteracting policy effects on European solar power invention and diffusion (2023)

Grafström. J, Poudineh. R
Energy Policy, Vol. 172
Artikel i tidskrift

Policy mixes and policy feedback: Implications for green industrial growth in the Swedish biofuels industry (2023)

Hedeler. B, Hellsmark. H, Söderholm (VERIFY). P
Renewable & sustainable energy reviews, Vol. 173
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The mixed blessing of responsibility relief: An application to household recycling and curbside waste collection (2023)

Andersson. S, Söderholm. P, Berglund. C
Frontiers in Environmental Economics, Vol. 1
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A meta-analysis of climatic conditions and whitefly Bemisia tabaci population: implications for tomato yellow leaf curl disease (2022)

Lobin. K, Jaunky. V, Taleb-Hossenkhan. N
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Ambio fit for the 2020s (2022)

Andersson. E, Boonstra. W, de la Torre Castro. M, Hughes. A, Ilstedt. U, Jernelöv. A, et al.
Ambio, Vol. 51, nr. 5, s. 1091-1093
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Association between rural electrification and agricultural output: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa (2022)

Amuakwa-Mensah. S, Surry. Y
World Development Perspectives, Vol. 25
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Breakthrough technologies and innovations along the mineral raw materials supply chain - towards a sustainable and secure supply INTRODUCTION (2022)

Buchholz. P, Ericsson. M, Steinbach. V
Mineral Economics, Vol. 35, nr. 3-4, s. 345-347
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Breddad miljöprövning fel väg att gå (2022)

Pettersson. M, Söderholm. P
Aktuell Hållbarhet Lag & rätt, nr. 2, s. 9-9
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Changing locus of mining (2022)

Ericsson. M
Mineral Economics, Vol. 35, nr. 1