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Brian Wernicke
Brian Wernicke

Brian Wernicke

Head of Unit
Luleå University of Technology
Professional Support
+46 (0)920 493516
B012 Luleå


Article in journal

Digitalization Index (2021)

Developing a Model for Assessing the Degree of Digitalization of Construction Projects
Sezer. A, Thunberg. M, Wernicke. B
Journal of construction engineering and management, Vol. 147, nr. 10
Article in journal

Introduction of a digital maturity assessment framework for construction site operations (2021)

Wernicke. B, Stehn. L, Sezer. A, Thunberg. M
International Journal of Construction Management
Article in journal

Flow Dimensions at Swedish Construction Contractors (2019)

Wernicke. B, Lidelöw. H, Simu. K
Lean Construction Journal, Vol. 2019, s. 24-46
Conference paper

Flow and resource efficiency measurement method in off-site production (2017)

Wernicke. B, Lidelöw. H, Stehn. L
Part of: IGLC 2017, Proceedings of the 25th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction 2017, s. 861-868, The International Group for Lean Construction, 2017