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Dennis Jones
Dennis Jones

Dennis Jones

Luleå University of Technology
Wood Science and Engineering
Wood Science and Engineering
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)910 585309


Article in journal

Bio-based adhesive derived from citric acid and sorbitol for wood-composite manufacture (2022)

Lin. C, Karlsson. O, Jones. D, Sandberg. D
Wood Material Science & Engineering, Vol. 17, nr. 5, s. 397-399
Conference paper

Composite strategy for improving fire-retardancy of furfurylated wood (2022)

Lin. C, Kim. I, Karlsson. O, Jones. D, Sandberg. D
Part of: Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Wood Modification, s. 393-399, University of Lorraine, Faculty of Science and Technology, Laboratory of Study and Research on the Wood Material (LERMaB), 2022
Article in journal

Evaluation of the effect of a combined chemical and thermal modification of wood though the use of bicine and tricine. (2022)

Jones. D, Kržišnik. D, Hočevar. M, Zagar. A, Humar. M, Popescu. C, et al.
Forests, Vol. 13, nr. 6
Article in journal

Fire Retardancy and Leaching Resistance of Furfurylated Pine Wood (Pinus sylvestris L.) Treated with Guanyl-Urea Phosphate (2022)

Lin. C, Karlsson. O, Kim. I, Myronycheva. O, Mensah. R, Försth. M, et al.
Polymers, Vol. 14, nr. 9
Conference paper

Fire-retardant phosphorus-containing silica gel modified particleboard (2022)

Lin. C, Chi. Z, Karlsson. O, Jones. D, Sandberg. D
Part of: Nordic Polymer Days (NPD 2022), 1-3 June, Gothenburg, Sweden, Book of the abstracts for posters, Chalmers university of technology, 2022, 46