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Nazanin Emami
Nazanin Emami

Nazanin Emami

Luleå University of Technology
Machine Elements
Machine Elements
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 491939
E847 Luleå

Responsible for Biotribology research group

Director of the Studies for National Research School in Tribology, Participating universities: LTU, KTH, Uppsala University, Halmstad University

Research interest

Biotribology (friction, wear and lubrication in biological environments, in the body's joints, Such as hip and knee & Bio-compatible materials Especially Orthopedic materials development: to developmental new implant materials with improvement of Certain properties for use in load-bearing joints

Academic Background

1994: Doctor in Dentistry (DDS). Thesis title "non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease"

2001: Licentiate in Engineering Science at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. Thesis title "Effect of light posturing density variation on dental light-cure resin composites"

2004: Doctoral degree (PhD) at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. Thesis title "Variables Affecting stress development and resin conversion in light-cured dental composites"

2006-2008: Biomaterials and Biointerface Department, Ian Wark Research Institute, University of South Australia, Australia. Supported by Swedish Research Council.

Supervising (Main supervisor for FOLLOWING PhD students)

1. Evelina Enqvist. Research project title: tribological behavior of Highly crosslinked UHMWPE

2. Silvia Suner Research Project title: Wear particles characterization

3. Jorge Rituerto Research Project title: Biotribocorrosion of new metallic alloy

4. Alaleh Safari Research Project title: Mapping of wear particles distribution in biological lubricant


* Research Trainee candidate 2009-2010: Evelina Enqvist. "Novel Biological naoncomposite for biomedical applications"


  • Corrosion and Surface Engineering Research Group, Institute of Engineering Thermofluids, Surfaces and Interfaces. University of Leeds. UK
  • Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds. UK
  • Nanotechnology Research Division, Centre for Mechanical Technology and Automation. University of Aveiro. Portugal
  • Department of Chemical Engineering, Umeå University. Sweden
  • Polymer Engineering Research Group at LTU, Sweden
  • Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Western Ontario. Canada


- 2010 First place winner (shared with the Division of Materials Engineering) in "Dental Ceramic challenge"

- 2008 Award winner of "Royal Skytteanska community." As young and outstanding researcher in the faculty of engineering at the University.

- 2002 Travel award winner in Doctoral category at the International Association of Dental

Research (IADR), solid in San Diego, USA.

- 2001 First Price winner of Doctoral category of EDWARD Hatton AWARD, Scandinavian Division meeting of the International Association of Dental Res, Copenhagen, Denmark

Master thesis projects, project courses, and short industrial research projects

- 2012. Alaleh Safari. Research project title: Mapping of wear particles distribution of UHMWPE Nano-Composite in Biological Environment

- 2012. Dmitry Ramanska: Research project title: Mechanical characterization of novel UHMWPE Nano compositse "A comparrative study agains virgin UHMWPE

Industrial research project

- 2010 Eric Rylander, Latifa Melk, Newsha Doroudgarian "Ceramic Challenge competition, industrial project". (Together with Division of Engineering)

Completed number of research projects and supervision of M.Sc. projects in the Areas of Biomateria

- 2011 Anna Diez  "Effect of Ball Milling on mechanical properties of UHMWPE composite"

- 2011 Eric Rylander "Corrosive and tribological behavior of Hafnium compare to Ti"

- 2010 Mamoun Taher "Effect of temperature and pressure of hot-press on crystallinity and mechanical properties of reinforced UHMWPE."

* - 2010 Dmitry Ramanenka "Mechanical behavior of dental glass-ceramics" D

Dmitry was Awarded the best "materials science and engineering student of the Year by NOAH (norrbotten academy) and received in respect of an award price for his work.

- 2009 Carles Rossell. Master Thesis "Development of bio-nano composite for medical application".

- 2009. Séverine Vennin and Alexandre Dhotel. Research project "Mechanical properties of dentin and dentin bonding interface. Methodology evaluatin ".

- 2009. Wina Widya Gustiana. Master Thesis "Characterization of dentin bonding interface".

- 2009. Lisa Levander. Master Thesis "Biocompatible iron-based colloidal suspension for Imaging Applications"

- 2005. Sebastian Durin. Master Thesis "Bionano-composites; Novel combi nation of carbon nanotubes with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene."

- 2004. Kevin Siebert. Master Thesis "Interaction between important properties in Biopolymers".

- 2004. Enric B.Llinas and Bertrand Sabatier. Master Thesis "zirconia-based

Bioceramics ".

- 2003. Cédryck Vaquette. Master Thesis "Absorbance behavior of light-cured dental composites"

- 2003. Stina Wigren and Philip Chaabane. Industrial Master Thesis (project was in collaboration with Ivoclar Vivadent Liechtenstein). "Veneering composites for indirect dental restorations: A comparative study of physical and mechanical properties"

- 2002. Mary M. Vigil and Alvaro N. Viera Sc. Master Thesis "Young's modulus and degree of polymerization of Light-cured Dental Resins"

- 2002. Federico Tomassini. Collaborative Master Thesis project supervision with university of Perugia, Italy. "Cure kinetic Behaviours and mechanical properties of nano-dental composites versus Conventional" Report is published in Italy with English summery.


Article in journal

Characterization of Wood and Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNPs) Reinforced Polymer Composites (2020)

Al-Maqdasi. Z, Gong. G, Nyström. B, Emami. N, Joffe. R
Materials, Vol. 13, nr. 9
Article in journal

Effect of proteins and phosphates on the degradation and repassivation of CoCrMo alloys under tribocorrosion conditions (2020)

Bryant. M, Rituerto Sin. J, Emami. N, Neville. A
Tribology - Materials, Surfaces & Interfaces
Article in journal

Mechanical and thermal properties of vitamin E-doped UHMWPE reinforced with hydroxyapatite (2020)

Saravanan. P, Melk. L, Emami. N
Tribology - Materials, Surfaces & Interfaces
Article in journal

Tribological performance of hygrothermally aged UHMWPE hybrid composites (2019)

Palmeira Belotti. L, Vadivel. H, Emami. N
Tribology International, Vol. 138, s. 150-156