Evelina Brännvall
Evelina Brännvall

Evelina Brännvall

Specialist - Research Funding
Luleå University of Technology
Professional Support
+46 (0)920 493004
B222 Luleå

I am a certified Research Manager at Grants Office. EARMA Certificate In Research Management, 2016.
I have a background in science (geology) and have quite a long experience in research. I have PhD in Environmental Engineering in Lithuania, 2006 and in Waste Science and Technology here at LTU 2013.
My focus is mainly on EU funding, for example. Horizon 2020. I also support LTU's leadership in external funding issues. Support LTU researchers in developing their research funding strategies and writing the applications. I also work as a support in creating and maintaining good relationships with national and EU funders.

My duties:
• Strategic research funding planning
• Information dissemination, workshops and courses
• Direct support in the application process

Feel free to contact me if you need support with the application or develop a strategy for your research funding.

You can reach me by email or by phone.


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