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Göran Lindkvist
Göran Lindkvist

Göran Lindkvist

IT Administrator
Luleå University of Technology
Professional Support
+46 (0)920 492185
E1106b Luleå


Article in journal

Preliminary validation of a new way to model physical interactions between pulp, charge and mill structure in tumbling mills (2019)

Jonsén. P, Hammarberg. S, Pålsson. B, Lindkvist. G
Minerals Engineering, Vol. 130, s. 76-84
Conference paper

A Particle Based Modelling Approach for Predicting Charge Dynamics in Tumbling Ball Mills (2018)

Jonsén. P, Larsson. S, Pålsson. B, Hammarberg. S, Lindkvist. G
Part of: ABSTRACTS, 13th World Congress on Computational Mechanics, s. 1385-1385, IACM, 2018
Conference paper

First attempt to do a full-body modelling of a tumbling mill based on first principles (2018)

Jonsén. P, Lindkvist. G, Pålsson. B, Hammarberg. S
Part of: Conference in Minerals Engineering, s. 71-84, 2018
Conference paper

Hot Stamping of Tailored Component (2015)

Experiments and Numerical Analysis
Lindkvist. G, Ahlin. H, Oldenburg. M
Part of: Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High-Performance Steel 5th International Conference, May 31-June 3, Toronto, Canada : Proceedings, s. 755-763, Verlag Wissenschaftliche Scripten, 2015
Conference paper

Dynamics of a rubbing Jeffcott rotor with three blades (2011)

Aidanpää. J, Lindkvist. G
Part of: Chaos Theory: Modeling, Simulation and Applications, Selected Papers from the 3rd Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference (CHAOS2010), s. 97-104, World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 2011