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Jan-Olov Aidanpää
Jan-Olov Aidanpää

Jan-Olov Aidanpää

Professor and Head of Subject
Luleå University of Technology
Machine Design
Product and Production Development
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 492531
E215 Luleå
Rotordynamical model of Hydropower rotor and the corresponding Cambell diagram

Work summary

Undergraduate Education 

  • Mechanical Vibrations, M0015T, 7.5p
  • Dynamics in Mech Systems, M7010T, 7.5p
  • Vehicle Dynamics, M0019T, 7.5p

PhD Courses

  • Rotordynamics, 9p
  • Non-linear Rotordynamics, 9p



  • Hydropower Technology, 30%, SVC
  • Wind Power, 30%, SWPTC, EM
  • Supervisor Florian Thiery, SVC
  • Supervisor Erik Synnegård,SVC



During my PhD studies I analysed nonlinear dynamics and chaos in vibro-impacting systems. By that time, it was of interest to evaluate if chaos was something that the industry had to consider in design and if there were any possibilities to use chaos in industrial applications. Today it is clear that nonlinear phenomena can occur in mechanical systems, but it can often be avoided by a careful design. The common question today is therefore how to avoid nonlinear phenomena. In rotating machines there are several nonlinearities that can not be avoided. Therefore nonlinear phenomena have to be considered in the design and there is a need to develop effective tools to handle these situations. Since I came back to the University rotor dynamics has been my research field. Together with my PhD students we have worked on

  • Impact problems
  • Optimisation of rotating turbo machines
  • Wood fibre defibrators
  • Industrial fans
  • Cutting dynamics
  • New tools to analyse nonlinear systems
  • Hydro power rotors
  • Wind power technology

It is in the field of hydro power rotors that we have published most of the papers. In this field we are today strong and we will continue to expand our activities in this area. In our research we have worked with the rotors interaction with electromagnetic field, bearings and fluid. Through collaboration with the fluid mechanics (LTU) and machine element (LTU), fluid mechanics (Chalmers) and electricity (UU) we have been working with models of the interaction in order to develop better rotor dynamic models.  In the national hydropower centre SVC I am appointed as national leader for the development of rotordynamics in hydropower applications. Therefore we have long term funds for develop of competence in this area. The competence we have achieved in hydropower technology can be applied to other industrial fields and I see great opportunities to develop these new areas.

Since 2012 I am also working in SWPTC as team group leader for cold climat issues in windpower. Within SWPTC I develop models of the anti-/de-icing process to be able to compare and optimize different systems in future.I am also leader of a larger EM-project (Vibrations and loads in wint turbines subjected to ice) with four PhD students and researchers at different divisions at TVM. The aim is to model the creation of ice and iceloads to predict the dynamics and expected life of the turbines in future. The research is mainly supported by;

- SVC, Swedish hydropower center

- SWPTC, Swedish Windpower Technology Center

- EM, The Swedish Energy Agency

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Article in journal

Numerical and experimental study on the dynamic bearing properties of a four-pad and eight-pad tilting pad journal bearings in a vertical rotor  (2022)

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Article in journal

Rotordynamic Characterization of Tilting-Pad Bearings With Eight Pads in Vertical Rotors  (2022)

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Journal of energy resources technology, Vol. 144, nr. 1
Article in journal

An Indirect Measurement Methodology to Identify Load Fluctuations on Axial Turbine Runner Blades (2020)

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Article in journal

Experimental Investigation of a 10 MW Prototype Axial Turbine Runner (2020)

Vortex Rope Formation and Mitigation
Soltani Dehkharqani. A, Engström. F, Aidanpää. J, Cervantes. M
Journal of Fluids Engineering - Trancactions of The ASME, Vol. 142, nr. 10
Conference paper

A Preliminary Experiment to Excite and Identify Modal Frequencies of a Rotor in the Rotating Frame of Reference (2019)

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Part of: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Rotor Dynamics, IFToMM, s. 265-277, Springer, 2019