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Lena Manderstedt
Lena Manderstedt

Lena Manderstedt

Associate Professor, Distinguished University Teacher
Luleå University of Technology
Swedish and Education
Education and Languages
Department of Health, Education and Technology
+46 (0)920 491962
R230 Luleå

Research areas and interests

I have a broad interest in education science with a particular emhasis on Swedish didactic issues. I have been engaged in various areas of the didactics of literature in relation to media and youth culture; and also language and literature education as it relates to national curriculum. A particular interest is directed towards considering fan communities and other social media as literary venues and rooms for negotiation and re-negotiation of norms, values and identity.

I presented my doctoral thesis titled Växelspel med förhinder: Skärningspunkter i verksamhetsförlagd svensklärarutbildning. The thesis highlights the way educational institutions express themselves on the issue of work placement, in the subject Swedish. 

For a couple of years I was the editor of the Swedish Teachers' Association's yearbook where the focus has been on new research relevant to school and Swedish subject.

Research interests: (Social) Media and Cultural Studies: rooms / places / expression and storytelling, literature didactics, intersectionality, ideology and power, curriculum theory and university pedagogy.


Current research


Short CV

·          Lecturer in Swedish with a didactic approach, Luleå University 2013

            Ledamot anställningsnämnden 2018-

·          Education Coordinator for the area of Educational Science and Humanities, Luleå University 40% 2014-2016.

·          Guest researcher / guest teacher at Jönköping 20% 2013-2018.

·          Higher Educational Developer, Luleå University 50% 2013- 2014

·          Doctoral Student, Swedish didactics, Luleå University of Technology 2008-2013. Dissertation maj 2013.

·          Lecturer in Swedish, Luleå University of Technology 2003-2008

·          Teacher in Swedish, upper secondary  school 1999-2003

·         Teacher in Swedish, Komvux 1997-1999

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Article in journal

Consensus and discrepancies on quality: Mentor and student teacher statements on work placement mentoring (2022)

Manderstedt. L, Anderström. H, Sädbom. R, Bäcklund. J
Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol. 116
Conference paper

Counter storytelling (2022)

Fluid (?) diversity in Sami novels for young readers
Palo. A, Manderstedt. L
Paper presented at : Gender Studies Conference 2022: FEMINIST MATTERINGS Indigenous and Arctic engagements 30 November-2 December, 2022. University of Oulu, Finland
Article in journal

Forskningscirkeln som blev viral – en betraktelse över ringar-på-vattnet-effekter till följd av samverkan mellan skolpersonal i år F–3 och forskare (2022)

Manderstedt. L, Palo. A
Forskning och utveckling i förskola och skola (Fufos), Vol. 1, nr. 1, s. 24-41
Article in journal

”… förut kunde jag inte läsa så himla bra”: ett litteraturdidaktiskt projekt med vårdnads- havare och elever i skolår F–3 (2022)

Manderstedt. L, Palo. A, Dahlbäck. A, Brännström. A, Dahlberg. M, Lundström. G, et al.
Forskning om undervisning och lärande, Vol. 10, nr. 1, s. 7-30
Article in journal

Läsundervisning i skolåren F-3: lärare och forskare reflekterar över ett forsknings- och utvecklingsprojekt (2022)

Dahlbäck. A, Manderstedt. L
Forskning & utveckling i förskola och skola (Fufos), nr. 1, s. 5-23