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Leonardo Pelcastre
Leonardo Pelcastre

Leonardo Pelcastre

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Machine Elements
Machine Elements
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 492843
E848 Luleå

Research work

Research on different tribology areas with special focus on:

  • Tribomaterials
  • High temperature tribology
  • Hot sheet metal forming
  • Surface engineering abd coatings for friction and wear control
  • Surface and materials characterisation
  • Tribotesting
  • Additive manufacturing



  • M7007T Tribology - Lecturer
  • T7004T Surface engineering - Lecturer
  • M7034T Advanced project course in Tribology - Project supervisor
  • T7009T Material Science and Engineering project course - Project supervisor

Assistant supervisor for PhD students


  • Justine Decrozant-Triquenaux, "High-temperature tribology in hot forming of aluminium"
  • Gabriel Almeida Macêdo "High temperature tribological behaviour of additively manufactured tool materials"


Article in journal

Characterization of wear and friction between tool steel and aluminum alloys in sheet forming at room temperature (2021)

Domitner. J, Silvayeh. Z, Shafiee Sabet. A, Öksüz. K, Pelcastre. L, Hardell. J
Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 64, s. 774-784
Article in journal

High temperature tribological studies on hardfaced tool steels for press hardening of Al-Si coated boron steel (2021)

Pelcastre. L, Kurnia. E, Hardell. J, Decrozant-Triquenaux. J, Prakash. B
Article in journal

Influence of Lubrication, Tool Steel Composition and Topography on the High Temperature Tribological Behaviour of Aluminium (2021)

Decrozant-Triquenaux. J, Pelcastre. L, Prakash. B, Hardell. J
Friction, Vol. 9, nr. 1, s. 155-168
Article in journal

High temperature tribological behaviour of PVD coated tool steel and aluminium under dry and lubricated conditions (2020)

Decrozant-Triquenaux. J, Pelcastre. L, Courbon. C, Prakash. B, Hardell. J
Article in journal

Scale Formation on HSLA Steel during Continuous Casting Part I (2020)

The Effect of Temperature–Time on Oxidation Kinetics
Pineda Huitron. R, Ramírez López. P, Vuorinen. E, Nazen Jalali. P, Pelcastre. L, Kärkkäeinen. M
Metals, Vol. 10, nr. 9