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Murat Kulahci
Murat Kulahci

Murat Kulahci

Luleå University of Technology
Business Administration and Industrial Engineering
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts


Article in journal

A novel fault detection and diagnosis approach based on orthogonal autoencoders (2022)

Cacciarelli. D, Kulahci. M
Computers and Chemical Engineering, Vol. 163
Article in journal

A numerical study of Markov decision process algorithms for multi-component replacement problems (2022)

Fink Andersen. J, Andersen. A, Kulahci. M, Nielsen. B
European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 299, nr. 3, s. 898-909
Article in journal

An easy to use GUI for simulating big data using Tennessee Eastman process (2022)

Andersen. E, Udugama. I, Gernaey. K, Khan. A, Bayer. C, Kulahci. M
Quality and Reliability Engineering International, Vol. 38, nr. 1, s. 264-282
Conference paper

Autonomous Anomaly Detection and Handling of Spatiotemporal Railway Data (2022)

Kulahci. M, Bergquist. B, Söderholm. P
Part of: International Congress and Workshop on Industrial AI 2021, s. 65-72, Springer, 2022
Article, review/survey

A Taxonomy of Railway Track Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (2021)

A Review and Research Trends
Sedghi. M, Kauppila. O, Bergquist. B, Vanhatalo. E, Kulahci. M
Part of: Reliability Engineering & System Safety