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Murat Kulahci
Murat Kulahci

Murat Kulahci

Luleå University of Technology
Business Administration and Industrial Engineering
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts


Article, review/survey

Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacoepidemiology (2020)

A Systematic Review. Part 1—Overview of Knowledge Discovery Techniques in Artificial Intelligence
Sessa. M, Khan. A, Liang. D, Andersen. M, Kulahci. M
Part of: Frontiers in Pharmacology
Article in journal

Big Data Generation for Time Dependent Processes (2020)

The Tennessee Eastman Process for Generating Large Quantities of Process Data
Andersen. E, Udugama. I, Gernaey. K, Bayer. C, Kulahci. M
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Vol. 48, s. 1309-1314
Article in journal

Cost-sensitive learning classification strategy for predicting product failures (2020)

Frumosu. F, Khan. A, Schioler. H, Kulahci. M, Zaki. M, Westermann–Rasmussen. P
Expert systems with applications, Vol. 161, nr. 15
Article in journal

Experiences with big data (2020)

Accounts from a data scientist’s perspective
Kulahci. M, Frumosu. F, Khan. A, Ørnskov Rønscha. G, Spooner. M
Quality Engineering, Vol. 32, nr. 4, s. 529-542