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Niklas Olsson
Niklas Olsson

Niklas Olsson

Externally employed doctoral student, PhD
Luleå University of Technology
Education and Languages
Department of Health, Education and Technology


Conference paper

DIGILOG Project: Digitally Supported and Virtual Study Practices for Modern Logistic Systems (2021)

Kabashkin. I, Grakovskis. A, Segercrantz. W, Lend. E, Kallas. O, Karasmaa. N, et al.
Part of: Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication, Selected Papers from the 20th International Conference on Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication, RelStat2020, 14-17 October 2020, Riga, Latvia, s. 771-781, Springer Nature, 2021
Article in journal

Effect of Train-Driving Simulator Practice in the European Rail Traffic Management System: An Experimental Study (2023)

Olsson. N, Lidestam. B, Thorslund. B
Transportation Research Record, Vol. 2677, nr. 5, s. 694-706
Article in journal

The practical part of train driver education: experience, expectations, and possibilities (2021)

Olsson. N, Lidestam. B, Thorslund. B
European Transport Research Review, Vol. 13
Conference paper

Train driver attention is influenced by the type of railway signalling system (2022)

Kircher. K, Rosberg. T, Thorslund. B, Ahlström. C, Prytz. E, Bernheim. L, et al.
Part of: DDI 2022 Gothenburg, Abstract book, s. 50-52, Safer, 2022
Article in journal

Train drivers' work-related stress and job satisfaction (2023)

Fredin-Knutzén. J, Olsson. N, Rosberg. T, Thorslund. B, Lidestam. B
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine