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Patrik Holmlund
Patrik Holmlund

Patrik Holmlund

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Pervasive and Mobile Computing
Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering
+46 (0)910 585392
A167 Skellefteå


Article in journal

EAP-Swift (2015)

An Efficient Authentication and Key Generation Mechanism for Resource Constrained WSNs
Granlund. D, Åhlund. C, Holmlund. P
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks
Article in journal

Opportunistic Mobility Support for Resource Constrained Sensor Devices in Smart Cities (2015)

Granlund. D, Holmlund. P, Åhlund. C
Sensors, Vol. 15, nr. 3, s. 5112-5135
Article in journal

Effect of vibration magnitude, vibration spectrum and muscle tension on apparent mass and cross axis transfer functions during whole-body vibration exposure (2006)

Holmlund. P, Mansfield. N, Lundström. R, Lenzuni. P, Nataletti. P
Journal of Biomechanics, Vol. 39, nr. 16, s. 3062-3070
Conference paper

Increased levels of electrical fields in buildings (2002)

Lundmark. M, Larsson. A, Larsson. Å, Holmlund. P
Part of: Biological effects of EMFs : proceedings, Rhodes, Greece, 7 - 11 October 2002, [International Workshop on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields], University of Ioannina, 2002