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Sarah Rönnberg
Sarah Rönnberg

Sarah Rönnberg

Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Electric Power Engineering
Energy Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)910 585721
B2252 Skellefteå
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Article in journal

Analysis of supraharmonics in a three-phase frame (2022)

Sutaria. J, Rönnberg. S, Espín-Delgado. Á
Electric power systems research, Vol. 203
Conference paper

A Perspective Of Energy And Powerquality Of Data Center On The Grid (2021)

Sutaria. J, Hajizadeh. S, Rönnberg. S, Krook-Riekkola. A
Part of: CIRED Open Access Proceedings Journal, 2021
Article in journal

Assessing time-varying harmonic interactions in a wind park (2021)

Ravindran. V, Nakhodchi. N, Rönnberg. S, Bollen. M
IEEE Access, Vol. 9, s. 68151-68160
Conference paper

Comparing Harmonic Unbalance At Multiple Locations To Characterize The Unbalance (2021)

Sutaria. J, Nakhodchi. N, Gutierrez Ballesteros. E, Bollen. M, Rönnberg. S
Part of: CIRED-Open Access Proceedings Journal, 2021