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Stephen Mccormick
Stephen Mccormick

Stephen Mccormick

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Applied Mathematics
Mathematical Sciences
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 491680
E882 Luleå


My research areas are geometric analysis and mathematical general relativity. In particular, I am most interested in using geometric analysis to approach research questions coming from general relativity.


Article in journal

Quasi-Local Penrose Inequalities with Electric Charge (2021)

Chen. P, McCormick. S
International mathematics research notices, Vol. 2022, nr. 22, s. 17333-17362
Article in journal

Stability of a quasi-local positive mass theorem for graphical hypersurfaces of Euclidean space (2021)

Alaee. A, Cabrera Pacheco. A, McCormick. S
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Vol. 374, nr. 5, s. 3535-3555
Article in journal

The Hilbert manifold of asymptotically flat metric extensions (2021)

McCormick. S
General Relativity and Gravitation, Vol. 53, nr. 1
Article in journal

Gluing Bartnik extensions, continuity of the Bartnik mass, and the equivalence of definitions (2020)

McCormick. S
Pacific Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 304, nr. 2, s. 629-653
Article in journal

On the charged Riemannian Penrose inequality with charged matter (2019)

McCormick. S
Classical and quantum gravity, Vol. 37, nr. 1