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Tayebeh Darbandi
Tayebeh Darbandi

Tayebeh Darbandi

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Energy Engineering
Energy Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 491432
E144 Luleå


Article in journal

CFD modeling of the forces in the wet scrubber acting on particulate matter released from biomass combustion (2021)

Darbandi. T, Risberg. M, Westerlund. L
Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, Vol. 25
Article in journal

Efficient Cleaning and Heat Recovery of Flue Gas from a Small-Scale Boiler (2021)

Darbandi. T, Risberg. M, Westerlund. L
Chemical Engineering & Technology, Vol. 44, nr. 11, s. 2116-2125
Article in journal

One-dimensional Modelling and Optimisation of an Industrial Steam Methane Reformer (2021)

Nobandegani. M, Darbandi. T, Kheirinik. M, Birjandi. M, Shahraki. F, Yu. L
Chemical and biochemical engineering quarterly, Vol. 35, nr. 4, s. 369-379