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Tero Päivärinta
Tero Päivärinta

Tero Päivärinta

Luleå University of Technology
Information systems
Digital Services and Systems
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering
+46 (0)920 491477
A3410 Luleå


Article in journal

Benefits Realisation in Post-Implementation Development of ERP Systems: A Case Study (2021)

Hietala. H, Päivärinta. T
Procedia Computer Science, Vol. 181, s. 419-426
Article in journal

Efficiency creep and shadow innovation (2020)

enacting ambidextrous IT Governance in the public sector
Magnusson. J, Koutsikouri. D, Päivärinta. T
European Journal of Information Systems, Vol. 29, nr. 4, s. 329-349
Conference paper

Value Co-creation for Smart Villages: The Institutionalization of Regional Service Ecosystems (2020)

Lintula. J, Tuunanen. T, Päivärinta. T
Part of: ICIS 2020 Proceedings, Association for Information Systems, 2020, 1330
Article in journal

Awareness of Indirect Information Disclosure on Social Network Sites (2019)

Padyab. A, Päivärinta. T, Ståhlbröst. A, Bergvall-Kåreborn. B
Social Media + Society, Vol. 5, nr. 2
Article in journal

Towards automated pre-ingest workflow for bridging information systems and digital preservation services (2019)

Westerlund. P, Andersson. I, Nilsson. J, Päivärinta. T
Records Management Journal, Vol. 29, nr. 3, s. 289-304