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Thomas Kuhn
Thomas Kuhn

Thomas Kuhn

Luleå University of Technology
Atmospheric science
Space Technology
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering
+46 (0)980 67538
1090 Kiruna


Conference paper

Development of a Competence Ecosystem for the Future Space Workforce: Strategies, Practices and Recommendations from International Masterprograms in Northern Sweden (2021)

Barabash. V, Milz. M, Kuhn. T, Laufer. R
Part of: IAF Space Education and Outreach Symposium (E1), Enabling the Future - Developing the Space Workforce (5), International Astronautical Federation, 2021, 65175
Article in journal

Mass of different snow crystal shapes derived from fall speed measurements (2021)

Vázquez-Martín. S, Kuhn. T, Eliasson. S
Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics
Conference paper

Project APTAS –Using CubeSat Design And Development To Bring Students Into Northern Sweden’s Space Ecosystem (2021)

Rittatore Texeira. M, Neagu. C, Mayer. K, Mac Manamon. S, Sonna. M, Sarille Cardenas. C, et al.
Paper presented at : International Astronautical Congress
Article in journal

Shape dependence of snow crystal fall speed (2021)

Vázquez-Martín. S, Kuhn. T, Eliasson. S
Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics, Vol. 21, nr. 10, s. 7545-7565