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Ulrich Michael Paschen
Ulrich Michael Paschen

Ulrich Michael Paschen

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Industrial Marketing
Business Administration and Industrial Engineering
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts


Article in journal

Artificial intelligence (AI) and value co-creation in B2B sales (2021)

Activities, actors and resources
Paschen. J, Paschen. U, Pala. E, Kietzmann. J
Australasian Marketing Journal, Vol. 29, nr. 3, s. 243-251
Article in journal

Great wine from the great white north? Producer’s product positioning and marketing mix for Canadian icewine (2021)

Paschen. U, Kerruish. D, White. J
Journal of Wine Research, Vol. 32, nr. 1, s. 55-66
Article in journal

Artificial intelligence (2020)

Building blocks and an innovation typology
Paschen. U, Pitt. C, Kietzmann. J
Business Horizons, Vol. 63, nr. 2, s. 147-155
Conference paper

Cool Marketing for Icewine? (2018)

Producer’s Product Positioning, Segmentation, and Marketing Mix for Canadian Icewine: An Abstract
Paschen. U, Paschen. J, Keitzmann. J
Part of: Back to the Future, Using Marketing Basics to Provide Customer Value : Proceedings of the 2017 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference, s. 337-338, Springer, 2018
Conference paper

Understanding Involvement of Luxury Gift Givers (2018)

An Abstract
Paschen. U, Paschen. J, Wilson. M, Eriksson. T
Part of: Finding New Ways to Engage and Satisfy Global Customers, Proceedings of the 2018 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress (AMS WMC 2018),, s. 667-668, Springer, 2018