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Vahid Fadaei Naeini
Vahid Fadaei Naeini

Vahid Fadaei Naeini

Luleå tekniska universitet
Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik


Artikel i tidskrift

Decisive structural elements in water and ion permeation through mechanosensitive channels of large conductance: insights from molecular dynamics simulation (2022)

Fadaei Naeini. V, Baniassadi. M, Foroutan. M, Rémond. Y, George. D
RSC Advances, Vol. 12, nr. 28, s. 17803-17816
Artikel i tidskrift

Unraveling Flow Separation at the Water–Carbon Nanotube Interface: An Atomic-Scale Overview by Molecular Dynamics Simulation (2022)

Foroutan. M, Fadaei Naeini. V, Alibalazadeh. M
Langmuir, Vol. 38, nr. 14, s. 4256-4265
Artikel i tidskrift

A label-free graphene-based impedimetric biosensor for real-time tracing of the cytokine storm in blood serum; suitable for screening COVID-19 patients (2021)

Khayamian. M, Parizi. M, Ghaderinia. M, Abadijoo. H, Vanaei. S, Simaee. H, et al.
RSC Advances, Vol. 11, nr. 55, s. 34503-34515
Artikel i tidskrift

A V(iii)-induced metallogel with solvent stimuli-responsive properties: structural proof-of-concept with MD simulations (2021)

Sedghiniya. S, Soleimannejad. J, Foroutan. M, Ebrahimi. M, Naeini. V
RSC Advances, Vol. 11, nr. 58, s. 36801-36813
Artikel i tidskrift

Experimental and molecular dynamics studies of an ultra-fast sequential hydrogen plasma process for fabricating phosphorene-based sensors (2021)

Rajabali. M, Asgharyan. H, Fadaei Naeini. V, Boudaghi. A, Zabihi. B, Foroutan. M, et al.
Scientific Reports, Vol. 11