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Course registration

Register for your courses in the first three days of the quarter, unless otherwise notified by your department.

Log in with your LTU account to access the registration service.

If you missed the registration period, due to late admission to the course, please contact Service Point.

If your admission to a course is conditional, please contact Service Point via our e-form.

Re-registration of course

NOTE! You should not apply for re-registration if you only want to write the exam or need access to course material. The application for access to Course Materials in Canvas, click here

If you have been registered for a course that you for some reason did not complete and want to read the course again, you can apply for re-registration. Please note that all re-registrations are subject to availability, and certain courses, mainly with individual instruction / tutoring, may have special rules for re-registration.

Apply for re-registration in good time before the start of the term, preferably no later than 15 April and 15 October respectively.


  • In order for you to be re-registered, there must be a course opportunity to read the course, and place in the course, search for the student web
  • The institution processes your application after the regular registration time for the course has passed and any reserve acceptance has been completed.
  • If you are granted re-registration, you will automatically gain access to the classroom (no later than the day after registration). At My LTU you can see your registrations.
  • You will be notified by the coursework institution if your application is not granted
  • If you apply for a student in connection with the re-registration, you should first check with CSN which rules apply.