At LTU, Information Systems (IS) is defined as an inter-disciplinary research subject, which covers design and use of information technology in relation to people, organizations and societies. IS –related research relates mainly to the strategic research area of Enabling ICT. Several research projects have recently focused on such areas as Digital Service Innovation, Information Security, and Sustainable Data and Information Management.

Digital Service Innovation regards services as a driver for individual, organizational, and societal change. To achieve viable change, there needs to be continuous interaction between design and evaluation processes. The research and development challenges include enabling sustainable life through transformative services, creating and maintaining a service innovation culture, enhancing the service experience through co-creation, and assessing the value of services. 

Information Security research focuses on the management and behavioral aspects of information security, network and infrastructure security and pedagogical issues of on-line security education. The research covers also security as a part of organizational practice, security and IT-management practices, business risk practices and technical design of enterprise security controls. LTU has an international, on-line master’s program of information security and the group develops continuously an on-line information security laboratory for both educational and research purposes. 

Sustainable Data and Information Management regards data, information, and knowledge as a valuable resource that needs to be managed, cultivated, and utilized systematically throughout its life-cycle both in enterprises and in the public sector. The research and development challenges include effective knowledge creation and acquisition, processing and storage of big data, data and information quality, open data and information distribution, data mining and analytics for decision-making, enterprise content management, digital curation and long-term digital preservation of information beyond governance of individual services and applications. 

Ledamot av Svenska Information Systems Academy (Sisa).


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Publicerad: 24 mars 2011

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