Esa Vuorinen
Esa Vuorinen

Esa Vuorinen

Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Engineering Materials
Materials Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 493449
E311 Luleå


Main teaching areas are:

Metallic materials; basics about the microstructural influence on the properties of materials.

Materials selection; methodology to find the best material for componetns and products.

Eco-design; tools to reduce the environmental impact by proper selection of materials, choice of processing methods andanlyse of the life cycle of components and products.

Surface engineering; the influence of surface microstructure on material properties as wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


Article in journal

Hot Forming of Ultra-Fine-Grained Multiphase Steel Products Using Press Hardening Combined with Quenching and Partitioning Process (2019)

Vuorinen. E, Gülfem Özügürler. A, Ion. J, Eriksson. K, Chandra Somani. M, Pentti Karjalainen. L, et al.
Metals, Vol. 9, nr. 3
Article in journal

Optimization of Quenching Temperature to Minimize the Micro Segregation Induced Banding Phenomena in Quenching and Partitioning (Q&P) Steels (2019)

Forouzan. F, Borasi. L, Vuorinen. E, Mücklich. F
Steel Research International, Vol. 90, nr. 1
Article in journal

Process Control Maps to Design an Ultra-High Strength-Ductile Steel (2019)

Forouzan. F, Borasi. L, Vuorinen. E, Mücklich. F
Materials Science and Technology, Vol. 35, nr. 10, s. 1173-1184
Article in journal

The role of retained austenite in dry rolling/sliding wear of nanostructured carbide-free bainitic steels (2019)

Moghaddam. P, Hardell. J, Vuorinen. E, Prakash. B
Wear, Vol. 428-429, s. 193-204
Article in journal

Erosive-abrasive wear behavior of carbide-free bainitic and boron steels compared in simulated field conditions (2018)

Vuorinen. E, Heino. V, Ojala. N, Haiko. O, Hedayati. A
Proceedings of the Institution of mechanical engineers. Part J, journal of engineering tribology, Vol. 232, nr. 1, s. 3-13
Article in journal

Effect of tempering on microstructure and mechanical properties of laser welded and post-weld treated AHSS specimens (2017)

Forouzan. F, Strandqvist. N, Vuorinen. E, Navara. E, Mücklich. F
Materials Science Forum, Vol. 891, s. 18-24
Article in journal

Hot cracking of Structural Steel during Laser Welding (2017)

Pineda Huitron. R, Vuorinen. E
IOP Conference Series, Vol. 258
Article in journal

Microstructure analysis and mechanical properties of Low alloy High strength Quenched and Partitioned Steel (2017)

Forouzan. F, Gunasekaran. S, Hedayati. A, Vuorinen. E, Mücklich. F
Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 258, s. 574-578
Article in journal

Post weld-treatment of laser welded AHSS by application of quenching and partitioning technique (2017)

Forouzan. F, Vuorinen. E, Mücklich. F
Materials Science & Engineering, Vol. 698, s. 174-182