Hans Hedlund
Hans Hedlund

Hans Hedlund

Adjunct Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Building Materials
Structural and Fire Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering


Article in journal

Autogenous Self-Healing (2019)

A Better Solution for Concrete
Rajczakowska. M, Habermehl-Cwirzen. K, Hedlund. H, Cwirzen. A
Journal of materials in civil engineering, Vol. 31, nr. 9
Article in journal

Plastic Shrinkage Cracking of Self-compacting Concrete (2019)

Influence of Capillary Pressure and Dormant Period
Sayahi. F, Emborg. M, Hedlund. H, Cwirzen. A
Nordic Concrete Research, Vol. 60, nr. 1, s. 67-88
Conference paper

Effect of Water-Cement Ratio on Plastic Shrinkage Cracking in Self-Compacting Concrete (2017)

Sayahi. F, Emborg. M, Hedlund. H
Part of: Proceedings of the 23rd Nordic Concrete Research Symposium, Nordic Concrete Federation, 2017
Conference paper

Plastic Shrinkage Cracking in Concrete (2017)

Influence of Test Methods
Sayahi. F, Emborg. M, Hedlund. H
Paper presented at : 2nd International RILEM/COST Conference on Early Age Cracking and Serviceability in Cement-based Materials and Structures - EAC2, Brussels, Belgium, 12–14 September 2017
Conference paper


Sayahi. F, Emborg. M, Hedlund. H, Löfgren. I
Part of: International RILEM conference on Materials, Systems and Structures in Civil Engineering 2016 (MSSCE 2016), Service Life of Cement-Based Materials and Structures, s. 609-619, Rilem publications, 2016