Peter Törlind
Peter Törlind

Peter Törlind

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Product Innovation
Humans and Technology
Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences
+46 (0)920 492412
A3540 Luleå

Head of the Division of Innovation and Design,
PhD, Senior Lecturer


Peter took his MSc in Mechanical Engineering in 1996 from Luleå University of Technology, later joined the Polhem Laboratory for research in distributed engineering work. He received his PhD in 2002 with the dissertation "Distributed Engineering - Tools and Methods of Distributed Product Development".

He is now a senior lecturer at the research topic product innovation. Peter teaches several courses in both undergraduate and advanced levels. His core competence is tempered innovation, creativity, collaboration, distributed engineering work, global product development, and physical environments for creative meeting. Peter has written about 50 publications in this area.

Peter is also a co-founder of Alkit Communications, a spin-off company from Luleå University of Technology, which develops applications for high-quality collaboration at a distance.

Large organizations, for example the aerospace and automotive industry, have laid component design and manufacturing in different locations for reasons of competence. Larger companies also tend to expand design and manufacture of components and subsystems of subcontractors and partners. This is becoming increasingly common as the products are becoming more and more complex and you increasingly need specialist skills that are often not found within your own company. These partners are often found in different locations. In order to simplify communication between the cross-functional groups, systems should be used to quickly and easily visualize ideas and concepts so that everyone understands, can participate and give feedback.

By using these systems, design teams can utilize the common potential of the team in the best possible way and think together instead of splitting up the work.


Have earlier handled the following doctoral students:

  • Anna Karlsson, PhD 2014
  • Jörgen Nordmark, PhD, 2014
  • Mikael Nybacka, PhD, 2009
  • Mattias Bergström, PhD, 2009

Wizard now:

  • Christo Dordlofva, Planned PhD 2019
  • Erika Lind, Planned PhD 2020


Examiner for the following courses:

  • M7016T - Creative Concept Development, Examiner
  • M0024T IDE Developers, Examiner
  • A0013A - Product and Production Design, Examiner
  • D0017A - Product Visualization, Examiner
  • D7011A - Advanced Model Building, Examiner

Also teaches in the following courses

  • M7014T - Product Development Processes
  • D7014A - Degree Project in Technical Design, Product Design, Master of Science
  • D0023A - Degree Project in Technical Design, Product Design, College Engineer
  • O7008N - Advanced Project Management
  • D0030A - Design: Process and Method


Has published the following textbooks:

  • Åsa Wikberg-Nilsson, Åsa Ericson and Peter Törlind. (2015) Design: Process and Method, ISBN: 9789144108858. Studentlitteratur. Used today by 7 universities in more than 10 different courses.
  • Bergström, M., Ericson, Å., Törlind, P., Larsson, A., 2011, 4I4I - Four I's For Innovation, Second Edition. Division of Functional Products, Luleå. ISBN: 978-91-7439-148-0.


  • 2004 CONEX fellow and recipient of 25000 SEK for his efforts in computer-assisted product development.
  • Developed a separation system for Sweden's first nanosattelite (Munin), selling the technical solution to Saab Ericson Space.


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