Sven Knutsson
Sven Knutsson

Sven Knutsson

Luleå University of Technology
Soil Mechanics
Mining and Geotechnical Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 493312
F1036 Luleå

Main research interests

Frost, frost action, thaw weakening, permafrost, snow mechanics

Water retension dams; internal erosion, stability

Tailings dams; mechanical properties, long term stability

Erosion and erosion processes

Mechanical properties in coarse grained material

Use of industrial by-products

Dredging and deposition of dredged sediments

Ongoing projects

"Sustainable Management Of Contaminated Sediments" (SMOCS) finanzed by EU Baltic Sea Region Program.

"Snow and Ice" finanzed by EU target 2 program

Swedish Hydropwer Center (SVC);


Article in journal

Badush Dam (2019)

A Unique Case of Flood WaveRetention Dams Uncertain Future and Problematic Geology
Adamo. N, Al-Ansari. N, Sissakian. V, Laue. J, Knutsson. S
Engineering, Vol. 11, nr. 4, s. 189-205
Conference paper

En icke-destruktiv metod för bestämning av värden på materialparametrar i fyllningsdammar (2019)

Toromanovic. J, Mattsson. H, Knutsson. S, Laue. J
Paper presented at : Grundläggningsdagen 2019
Article in journal

Hydrogeochemical Evaluation of Groundwater and Its Suitability for Domestic Uses in Halabja Saidsadiq Basin, Iraq (2019)

Abdullah. T, Ali. S, Al-Ansari. N, Knutsson. S
Water, Vol. 11, nr. 4
Article in journal

Landfill Sites Selection Using MCDM and Comparing Method of Change Detection for Babylon Governorate, Iraq (2019)

Chabuk. A, Al-Ansari. N, Hussain. H, Laue. J, Hazim. A, Knutsson. S, et al.
Environmental science and pollution research international
Article in journal

Mosul Dam (2019)

Geology and Safety Concerns
Adamo. N, Al-Ansari. N, Sissakian. V, Laue. J, Knutsson. S
Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Vol. 13, nr. 3, s. 151-177

Student thesis