Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics 7.5 Credits

Statistisk fysik och termodynamik
Second cycle, F7035T
Course syllabus valid: Autumn 2018 Sp 1 - Present
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Syllabus established
by Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics 07 Feb 2011

Last revised
by Mats Näsström 15 Feb 2018

Education level
Second cycle
Grade scale
G U 3 4 5
Subject group (SCB)

Entry requirements

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The selection is based on 20-285 credits

Course Aim
After the course the student is expected to have reached
-Knowledge of basic assumptions of statistical physics.
-Have an understanding of the micro canonical, canonical and grand canonical ensemble.
-The Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac distribution functions and the classical limit.
-Use concepts as the Helmoltz free energy, Gibbs Free energy and entropy.
-Do and understand a mean field calculation.
-Make a simple Monte Carlo program applied to a model system and make a scaling analysis. To be presented at a Poster session.


States, ergodic assumption, partition function, entropy, micro canonical, canonical and grand canonical ensemble, temperature, reversabillity, ideal gas, MaxwellBoltzmann distribution, Gibbs distribution, Fermi and Bose statistics, free energy, mean field theory, critical exponents, scaling theory, diffusion, Brownian motion.


Teaching will be performed as ordinary lectures and solution of problems. A larger programming excersise is also made in the form of a Monte Carlo simulation of a model system. The Monte Carlo simulation task is compulsary and reported at a poster session.


Written exam at the end of the course and the Monte Carlo simulation is repported at a poster session. There can be alternative examination methods.

Course cannot be combined with F0018T.

Transition terms
The course F7035T is equal to MTF115.

Hans Weber

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2012 Sp 1 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
Kittel Charles & Kroemer Herbert: Thermal Physics, Freeman 1980.

Course offered by
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics

0001Written exam5.0TG G U 3 4 5
0002Monte Carlo project2.5TG U G#

Study guidance
Study guidance for the course is to be found in our learning platform Canvas before the course starts. Students applying for single subject courses get more information in the Welcome letter. You will find the learning platform via My LTU.
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